The Product

The Spin Screed can be used on stiff low slump concrete having a slump of only 3 metric. If you choose to pour your concrete wet, the Spin Screed works even easier. The Spin Screed leaves the aggregate matrix immediately below the surface resulting in a high quality – durable surface. Many times vibrating screeds cause the aggregate to sink far below the surface leaving a thick layer of paste and water. This surface is easy to finish but very low is durability. It is likely to scale off during the first severe winter when exposed to freeze thaw cycles and deicing salts.

Unlike vibrating screeds, when the Spin Screed brings concrete paste to the surface, it does not bring water with it. As a result, the water cement ratio for the surface concrete is lower for the Spin Screed than the vibrating screed even when concrete having the same slump is placed with both screeds. This means that the durability of the concrete placed by the Spin Screed will exceed the durability of concrete placed with the vibrating screed. With the Spin Screed, you will place better slabs with less work, without using heavy complicated machinery.

When you need to pour concrete slabs wider than 22 feet, simply set screed pipes or a screed bar (see our Float Fill Screed Support System video) on stakes so that you can make multiple parallel passes with the Spin Screed. Because the Spin Screed is so light, the stakes do not have to be capable of supporting much weight and they can be placed 5 or more feet apart. The screed support can be set so the flat surfaces, surfaces with a crown or surfaces with a swale can be produced.

The Spin Screed was designed and built by a contractor with over 30 years of experience in concrete work. The Spin Screed has been field tested for over 12 years and is built with the highest quality components. The Spin Screed will begin to make money for your construction business as soon as you place it in service on your construction site. You won’t be disappointed with the Spin Screed because it will improve your bottom line and your employees will be happier because it makes their job easier.